Tips For Setting A Beautiful Table

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The elements needed for setting a beautiful table

Match your linens.

Setting a beautiful table using matching linens gives it a cohesive feel. When your tablecloth matches your placemats, and those match your napkins, you have the base to set a charming and adorable table. Using matching linens also keeps the focus on the plates and the meal and not on the accouterments you have used to place your table. Purchasing matching linens allows you to put them together, break them up and use them with other pieces extending the use of your linens. My favorite is to set a solid tablecloth with patterned placemats and matching napkins or to set it in reverse with a patterned tablecloth with solid placemats and matching napkins. 

Use glassware in more than one color.

You instantly up the charm value when you choose more than one color for your glassware. It doesn't matter if you select the wine glasses in one color and the water in another or if you choose to mix up the two. It would be fun to take it to the next level and give each person their own color. Choose colors in your linens and plates and really play it up. There will not be any question about whose glassware is whose with that plan. 

Use a coaster under the water glass. 

When you serve water with ice, the glass will most likely sweat. If you add a matching, or even more fun, contrasting coaster, you allow the coaster to absorb that extra water. Nothing is worse than a glass that might drip onto the plate, so this trick will help that not occur. For a pro tip, you can monogram the coaster and then send your guest home with it as a memorable token of your time together. Also, keep extras on hand if guests spill their wine or drink. You can quickly trade it out; they won't have to think about their blunder during the evening. 

Use a napkin ring that is easy to remove. 

Make sure your napkin rings are easy to slide off. Using ribbons as bows is darling and is easy to untie and set aside. The same can be said for a circle napkin ring; they slide right off and look fine lying on the table. The last thing you want is a napkin ring that is hard to slide; this will most definitely create anxiety in your guests. For a quick and darling tip, fold it and lay it under the forks on the left side of the plate. And yes, the napkin always goes under the forks on the left side. 

Use a theme for setting the table.

Always choose a theme for setting a beautiful table, even if you only have one other guest. You can then use the theme for every single choice you make. Are you feeling a green spring theme? Perfect. Make sure you add beautiful spring flowers, maybe in a single colorway, and then add some tiny spring touches, like sprigs of boxwood to the table. You can add that spring to the salad plate's center, tied to the napkin ring, or even to the bottom of a glass. When you choose a theme, it is much easier to make choices, and your table and time together feel intentional and pulled together. 

All of these items, including the darling bunnies, are available in the Home section. The plates + flatware are personal, and not available, but these linens are so easy to match with what you currently own. We suggest white, blue + white, green, and of course a fun brighter color, as well. A well-set table is the backdrop for a fabulous meal and time spent with others. 

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